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Grand Electric
1330 Queen St. W.,
Toronto, Ontario M6K 1L4

43.641890 -79.430180
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Ian McGrenaghan and Colin Tooke started the taco trend in 2011 with their Parkdale taqueria and bourbon bar. The no-reservations policy means securing a table will take an hour on weeknights, but once you do, the staff treat you like a good friend. Taco options include baja fish, arbol chicken and beef shoulder dressed simply with cilantro, onion and lime. Mason jars of key lime pie (graham cracker crumbs, lime curd and a pile of whipped cream) capture the mood—sweet-tart, a little trashy and totally enjoyable.
Grand Electric

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don't understand what the hype is about by Orange from Toronto on 2013-10-21

Overall Rating: 2.3 (out of 10)
Food: 5  | Decor: 1  | Service: 1

"after reading all the good reviews decided to go there. opened the door and there is a very loud blast of very bad taste rap music. the waiter was shouting so we could hear him and I still couldn't hear half of his words. he offered us a "shared table" by the window! We looked at each other confused in what a shared table is. If it was a normal day and I was not starving I would have left but I thought lets try this "amazing" and "outrageous" food as some people describe it in google reviews. I ordered a squid sandwich (9$) and my friend ordered a "crispy" duck sandwich(11$). and I tried to tolerate the really annoying garbage music that does not go with any restaurant environment. my "sandwich" was just a piece of toast with squid on it and so much sauce , like half a bottle of mixed sauces. it was spicy. it didn't taste bad but it worried me that it's going to hurt my stomach. and as this "sandwich" was not a sandwich it did not fill me up at all! the duck sandwich on the other hand was 4 pieces of bread with duck shreds on it. one piece of duck skin was crispy my friend said. the rest was hot sauce which the breads were soaked in it. we ate and we ran away! I don't see what's the hype. I won't go back. luckily I didn't get sick. I was kind of sure I would."

- Orange

I by Peter D from King West on 2012-11-18

Overall Rating: 3.3 (out of 10)
Food: 6  | Decor: 3  | Service: 1

"Two hour wait and atrocious service for average food.

A few articles in Toronto's go-to literature has put this place on the map but something doesn't add up. We put our names on the list for a table of four and were told to return in an hour - they would not take our phone number. When we returned in an hour, we were told 15 minutes - which turned into another hour. We finally divided into two 2's and got seated. We then joined up when the elusive table for 4 became free.

After an hour and a half, before we were done, the bill showed up without us asking for it. On attempting to order more, our server said she'd have to ask her boss. The answer was 'No', pay the bill and then "We have people waiting, it's time for you to leave". All of a sudden, potential patrons became more important than actual patrons. This 'Boss' character has no clue about customer service. I've never written a restaurant review before, but my experience with this joke was enough motivation to get started.

The food was decent - the fish taco was as good as most people say. Meanwhile, the pig tail reminded me of throw up heading in the other direction (throw down?).

The cocktails were not good, I had the special and it tasted like bog water. My friend had the Caesar and chose to not even finish it.

All in all, we spent more time waiting to get in than we were allowed to stay. Will never be there again. I bet this place doesn't last. The hype can only mask horrible service and average food for so long."

- Peter D

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